The Foundation

The David Evans Grass Roots Foundation is a grant-making foundation that strives to promote a well-rounded education for all children and young people in the UK.

Our vision is an education system that is sophisticated, student-centred and inclusive for young people of all interests and academic abilities and from all backgrounds and circumstances.

We envision an educational experience that engages, inspires and empowers young people, allowing them to develop excellent breadth and depth of knowledge and nurtures aptitude in critical thinking, problem-solving and teamwork, so they can thrive and reach their full potential in society.

We strongly believe that a well-rounded education is delivered by a variety of adults, peers and organisations. The Grass Roots Foundation wants to support those organisations that build strong foundations for learning and rest on the pillars of health and sports, arts and culture, science and sustainability.

For the public benefit to advance the education
(including social and physical training) of people under the age
of 25 years in such ways as the charity trustees think fit, including by:

  • Awarding to such persons allowances or grants for the purchase of books or other equipment; and
  • To promote the arts, culture and heritage for the benefit of young people, by the promotion of art galleries, festivals and councils, and the encouragement of high standards of drama, dance, music, singing, literature, sculpture, painting, cinema, mime etc.